Nothin really…

Hey Sassie here,

Just wanted to say that I am really busy and will be  trying to post more often.I know my  wordpress is a little out of line right now but im working on fixing it up and trying to get it back on track how it use to be. Well also one of my best buds quit cp anyone know starviper? he quit his wordpress and mostly everything, right now im helping him with what happened to him but im not going to say.  I recently moved again and i wasnt able to get to computer then to and plus computer was broke so i had nothin to use for about 3 months. I also am turning my piczo around and trying to get that back on track. Right now my wordpress is not so good but i am going to try and make it better along the way. And i will be trying to fix my piczo up and get it working how it use to be. So alot of stuff im going to be doing this 2009. Also i had a wonderful christmas. I got a sweet new cellphone, i love it. its a slide phone and i annoy my parents by sliding it up and down so its funny. I got guitar hero which i toally dont play well at. Well i still play cp, penguin is turning 3 years old in March so i am really excited for that. Im not going to pass that up. here is something i have to say i like the old cp better, old cp was way better, new cp not i never said this but disney needs to go to the curb and find a new job. CP WAS RUINED BECAUSE OF THEM. Sorry just very mad at disney for convincing billybob to let them join. I will try posting later on this week if i have time. Right now i am fixing up my piczo more, getting a new chat started up, and whatever else i am going to do in the time

Rock on,



Im back

Hey guys sassie here,
sorry i havent posted in a while its just my computer broke well actually the keyboard to the computer broke and a new one wouldnt work so we had to some how figure out what was up with the computer. We took it in and once in a while i was getting on my friends computer but her keyboard is sticky and you have to press it for 5 seconds before it works, and i was pretty mad about that cause when i went on to talk to my friends and try to post it would take me too long so i just gave up and wanted for the computer and keyboard to start working again. Then yesturday after it was back, it wasnt working. So i kicked the computer really hard, and my mom had to restart it and refresh it and whatever. But then when she did all that the computer was working really good like it did before, i was really happy. so now i am able to get on, post, and do whatever i use to do before. I am going to try and get back on the wordpresses that i use to work on before but i really dont know if im going to get back on them all. Well tomorrow is Christmas and i am going to post something christmas up
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Fall fair ticket cheat


  1. Login to Club Penguin.
  2. Go to the Dock, and play the game “Grab and Spin.”
  3. Start the game and spin once.
  4. Press the tab button until it’s around the “Exit Game” button.
  5. Click and hold the enter key for as long as you please.
  6. Then click quit, and you will have tons of tickets.

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Fall fair sneak peek(again)

The Fall Fair starts and a new Pin comes out on Friday. Here’s a sneak peek again.

Well i someone kinda notcied this in a post that i read that they bet the pink cotton candy will be back And that blue cotton candy will be there during the fall fair too. So i know this fall fair is going to be really fun. Plenty of fun to entertain us. Games to play, tickets to earn and just having. I know this fall fair will be just as fun as last years fall fair that was here. One thing that i hope to come back this year is the camping party. That was awesome last year. So yeah in 2 days the fall fair begins and i know it will be a blast.

Rock on


P.s My one comment contest has to be put on hold for a little bit. I am kinda going to do a new contest to replace and will do a comment contest later on this year. Maybe in november or december I dont know when. But i know i will redo my comment contest and yeah i will.

Mission sneak peek

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming mission. Club Penguin won’t give any details yet because it’s too soon, but it looks like puffle blew too big of a bubble. Either way, the drawings of the penguins in each mission have been getting better and I’ll be posting the mission guide as soon as it comes out.

Woo hoo about 3 more days and the fall fair party will be here. I am so excited for when that comes.

Rock on


Sneak peek of Fall fair(again)


Hey!! Here is a great sneak peek on the Fall Fair Party!! The game shown in the picture is a cool game called Puffle Paddle, a really fun game!! And you will have to earn tickets to redeem cool item!! : D So the Fall Fair Party will be a great party you would not want to miss!!

Rock on,


P.s. I edited the post below and it says that i am not going to  quit cp cause someone really made me feel bad that i was quitting cp so i decided to come back to cp for a little bit longer.

Quitting(no more)


I am offically quitting cp tomorrow. And nothin is going to change my mind so yeah adios forever

Rock on,


 My brother is going to take my wordpress from me when i am gone.

  Sassie’s Edit: I was suppose to quit yesturday Sun. Sept 21st but I decided that i am not ready to leave my friends behind. And one of my friends really convinced me to stay on cp longer and dang did they make me feel really bad. Even though i said nothin was going tor change my mind. THis one person changed my mind really fast cause what he said was so sad. He said that he was about to cry when he read this post. So i decided i felt really bad. And decided maybe staying on a little longer wouldnt hurt. So yeah i am going to be staying on cp for a little bit longer. And if i ever try to quit again, then i bet this one person is going to be there to convince me to stay on cp longer.  So yeah i am going to totally stay on cp longer. I am still going to be posting on my wordpress.

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